Filtreau UV-C Copper Ionizer

The Filtreau UV-C Copper Ionizer cleans your water by means of copper electrolysis in combination with UV-C radiation. The Filtreau UV-C Copper Ionizer is placed in the pipe system after the pool filter.

The water flows through the housing of the Filtreau UV-C Copper Ionizer. The copper unit emits a very small amount of copper to the water flowing through the housing. These copper ions (Cu2+) in the water are positively charged and attack the cell wall of bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms. When the cell wall is damaged, the organisms can no longer absorb nutrients and so can no longer multiply. Copper in the water acts as a disinfectant and its effect can be compared to that of chlorine. The UV-C lamp located in the Filtreau UV-C Copper Ionizer generates UV-C light. This UV-C light has a UV-C wavelength of exactly 253.7 nm, which kills bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms. Due to the extra-wide casing made from 316 stainless steel, the water that is passed through is brought into contact with the UV-C radiation for a much longer time. This wide housing also ensures an extremely minimal pressure loss as the water flows through. The housing is polished on the inside so that hardly any dirt can adhere to the walls. All this increases the effectiveness of the UV-C radiation by a further 35%.

Research has shown that UV-C light can disinfect up to 80% of the water in a swimming pool. Copper disinfects up to 20% of the water. Provided all values are correct, UV-C combined with copper electrolysis makes it possible to swim without chemicals. Thanks to the Filtreau UV-C Copper Ionizer, your water will be disinfected in an efficient and safe way, allowing you to maintain an excellent water quality.

Thanks to the intelligent electronics, the device promptly indicates when the lamp no longer produces enough radiation and therefore needs to be replaced. The copper must be replaced when its efficiency decreases, which can be checked with the supplied test strips.

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